In District Public Schools and Charter School Cooperation

BLE is committed to working with all types of schools to improve educational outcomes for students in Boston.  Through this work they have supported BPS initiatives, increasing the number of high quality charter schools, as well as developing a school council that will bring the best thinking from a cross spectrum of leaders in the education and business sector. BLE is working to ensure that these schools within the BPS and independent public charter school sectors are successful by encouraging the business community to provide financial, political, and human capital support.

Council of Schools

BLE is in the process of developing  a Council of Schools that would include active and engaged business and civic leaders throughout the community who are dedicated to engaging with high quality schools.  To learn more about the initiative please click the link below.  

High Quality Charter Schools

BLE supports the approval of high quality charter schools in Boston and other areas in the Commonwealth.  Currently, the Massachusetts Department of Education has approved 38 charter schools in Boston including two within the Boston Public School district. The charter schools throughout Massachusetts are some of the best charter schools in the nation.  The schools can be a model of pedagogy for other schools and are delivering strong results year after year.  For a list of approved charter schools in Boston please click the link below.