THE MISSION OF Boston leaders for education IS TO BUILD ON THE SUCCESSES of high achieving schools from all sectors ensuring THAT EVERY BOSTON CHILD HAS THE OPPORTUNITY TO ATTEND A high quality SCHOOL.

There is a crisis in public education in Boston. Despite slow gains in recent years, in 2017 less than 3/4ths of BPS seniors graduated in four years. In 2017, 19% of BPS 10th graders were not proficient in English; 33% were not proficient in Math; and 51% were not proficient in Science and Technology. The results in earlier grades are also grim: in 8th grade, 67% and 70% were not proficient in English and Math, respectively. For 4th graders, 71% were not proficient in English and 72% were not proficient in Math.

However, there are some positive signs of improvement throughout the district.  Some BPS schools with added autonomy have made gains, and the charter schools in Boston are among the best in the nation, many scoring at the top of all schools in the Commonwealth.

BLE Action

BLE will achieve its mission by:

  1. Promoting legislation and public policy both at the State and City level

  2. Partnering with advocacy groups that encourage Boston parents and leaders to be agents for change

  3. Supporting those schools which have autonomy and are achieving success