Boston Leaders for Education (BLE) was founded in 2008 with the belief that a small organized group of visible business and civic people could – and should – help to drive greater student proficiency and school accountability at a faster pace for Boston students. To achieve this goal, BLE seeks to influence policy both at the city and state level, support schools which are achieving success for Boston children, and to expand the number of excellent schools in the city.  We are focused primarily on publicly-funded Boston schools, including the Boston Public Schools and high-performing Charter Schools.  BLE seeks to place business and civic leaders in direct contact with schools to actively assist them in achieving higher academic results for students and to engage the community in the policy issues which will ensure Boston students receive a high-quality education. BLE has remained an unincorporated organization to ensure that all the energy of the organization goes toward improving educational outcomes for the children of Massachusetts.  

Throughout the years, we have supported reforms that are starting to transform under-performing schools and classrooms.  These reforms include restructuring systems and teaching approaches, making tough financial decisions to close under-performing schools in favor of promising programs, and sharing best practices and efficiencies with the best district, charter, parochial and private schools to the benefit of all Boston children.